At a Glance

Diorasis Capital is a Business Development Consulting firm, experts on Strategy and Communication services


This encompasses the Strategic Planning considerations of organisations and their efforts to communicate the elements of the planned Strategy to both, their internal and external audiences.

We advise decision makers throughout all stages of the business life cycle formulating a Business Development Plan for revenue increase, effective internal communication and a credible public reputation.


Strategically, we operate in a vertically integrated environment, where structure considerations are the backbone of our work. We offer a set of interrelated services, which, depending on the nature of your organisation and its lifecycle stage, can be employed individually or as a packaged solution. These include, Strategy Consulting, Corporate Finance, Foreign Direct Investment Advisory and Public Relations.


They are designed to support decision makers’ efforts for growth through a complete Business Development Plan, while financing any attractive opportunities through our investment club, Diorasis Capital Club.


Our services are available in EMEA and LATAM, serving the needs of:


  • SMEs in Media & Hospitality

  • Governments and Investment Promotion Agencies

  • Political Parties and Politicians

  • Maritime Services Providers

  • Sports Clubs


As an idea, Diorasis Capital was born in London, in 2006 with a vision to simplify the process of deal-making based on a targeted and jargon-free communication process.



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