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Our Consulting division consists of a dynamic set of services, which are often combined for best results.

Serving EMEA, we offer:


  • Strategy Consulting Services to SMEs in Media and small and mid-cap firms in Financial Services.

  • Political Consulting Services to Governments, Investment Promotion Agencies and Political Parties.

  • Crisis Management Services on an industry agnostic basis.

Strategy Consulting 

Our Strategy Consulting Services focus on increasing sales and allow growth

In serving the media industry, we focus on Business and Lifestyle print and digital publications, Radio Stations and TV broadcasters.

In Financial services, our services are available to Wealth and Asset Management firms, Private Banks, Single and Multi Family Offices and Family Offices services providers.


Operational Restructuring

Focusing on the profitability of operations, we are hired to examine your business model and uncover the causes of operational underperformance; we then work with you developing a restructuring strategy to achieve improvement and optimise the identified opportunities. After restructuring is completed, you have three options:


1.  Implement the plan independently

2. Hire us to implement the plan

3. Employ our Corporate Finance services to either raise capital by getting introduced to capital providers, sell your firm or merge with your peers. Our Corporate Finance services are primarily supported by our investment club, The Decision Maker Club.



Decision Makers Coaching 

We work closely with Decision Makers to help them identify the mindset that drive individual and business performance. 


When underperformance is identified, we step in by applying the Socratic Method to our service; we drive Decision Makers to understand their potential through a cooperative argumentative dialogue based on asking and answering questions in order to stimulate critical thinking, identify “what is wrong” and conclude to an improvement plan.


At its core, our coaching service is strategically focused on enabling Decision Makers to overcome underperformance in three steps:


1. Examine if business goals are aligned with those of their team

2. Stress-test their own performance versus their team's performance versus goals

3. Adopt a leader's mindset where the Decision Maker is part of the team, and develop the most effective coaching plan to improve  the team's  performance 


The service is intended for:


  • CEOs

  • Sales Heads

  • Marketing Heads

  • Account Managers

  • Business Development Professionals

  • Directors of Operations 

The Benefits


By the end of the Decision Maker Coaching programme you should “know thyself”, develop your emotional intelligence and become an overall inspiring leader. In particular, you will:


  • Be able to coach your team more efficiently

  • Become a more confident leader

  • Become a better communicator and thus more influential as a leader

  • Lead both, individual and organisational  effectiveness

  • Be able to create a high-performance team environment


Marketing Planning

The purpose for developing a marketing plan is to examine and decide how you will sell your product or service to consumers. Identifying the group of consumers that will buy your product or service is what makes a successful marketing plan.


Once the target group has been identified, we help you reduce the cost of your marketing by sending the right message, to the right people, in the right way. In a very competitive media market, our key to your success is, the step-by-step strategy we follow, with tactics that range from branding to targeted marketing, depending on your requirements and the stage of your firm.


The final outcome is to sell the solution your service offers and create loyalty for your business.

Political Consulting

FDI Advisory and Media Relations in EMEA

We offer Strategic Media Relations services to Governments, Investment Promotion Agencies and Political Parties, by developing tailored PR campaigns, to reach and strongly influence their target audience.

Foreign Direct Investment Advisory

Investment Promotion Agencies are offered strategies to support their efforts in promoting their country as an investment destination to new investors, while maintaining the existing ones. 

The services are offered in an International Relations context with a strong geopolitics approach, aiming to enrich strategic thinking and help policy-makers reach their FDI goals. 


Public Relations

Political parties of established Democracies are offered PR campaigns to support their efforts during  and after elections.

Under a complete campaign, our services include Demographic analysis of voters, Voter targeting, Funding models, Competitor analysis, Political landscape analysis, Digitalisation and Social Media. 

Crisis Management 

Operational, Reputation and Stakeholder Management

Our Crisis Management Service is designed to expect the unexpected and manage its impact on your organisation. Serving a broad spectrum of industries, we offer our Crisis Management Service to protect your organisation and its stakeholders, when in crisis. 

Crisis Response

This service is offered as a packaged solution in order to manage the threats that could have negative impact on your operations and reputation, while manage your relations with your key stakeholders.

When crisis strikes, we step in to help you with your response in two phases; the initial response and the reputation repair. We adjust the response strategy to the overall Crisis Management Plan, the market dynamics and the nature of the crisis, in order to restore the damage on your organisation.

In the post-crisis phase, we are expecting your organisation to return to business as usual. To ensure a smooth transition, we continue offering our support, until your stakeholders demonstrate the level of trust during the pre-crisis phase.

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