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We offer Corporate Finance Services to SMEs in Europe and Middle East. 

Although we tend to be industry agnostic, our expertise lies in the Media industry.

Corporate Finance 

Raise capital - find a business partner - sell your business



Capital Raising

Raising capital at any stage of your business can be challenging.


Our Capital Raising service can help by introducing you to the most appropriate capital provider by presenting your project to our investment club, The Decision Maker Club, and/or our broader network.


Contact us to get your bespoke event scheduled.


​Structure: Equity/Debt/Hybrid


Mergers & Acquisitions

Our role is primarily to provide the means of communication and information exchange between the interested parties. Our investment club, The Decision Maker Club is the main communication platform, where all opportunities are presented.


At the same time, we represent our investment club members at several events throughout the year, exploring both buy and sell side deals in Europe and Middle East. We co-invest with our members in some opportunities. 

Contact us to get your bespoke event scheduled.

Structure: Buyouts/LBOs/Mergers

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