The Decision Maker Club is the investment club of Diorasis Capital

Here, our UHNW members mingle with their peers and explore investment opportunities presented to the club by selected investees who fulfil the criteria set by our members.

Unlike other clubs, which tend to present a flow of a number of unjustified deals to their members, we follow a needs-based approach; the adopted approach means that, each primary member is thoroughly profiled, as a first step of the membership, in order to examine the member's attitude towards risk, industry/sector of preference and time horizon of the deal sought. To make sure we deliver truly bespoke services and communicate deals the risk of which has been matched to our members’ risk profile, we have a no profile, no membership policy.


Our mission is to provide a high-profile deal-making communication and information exchange platform, where Decision Makers will directly interact with their likes. The club meets officially four times a year, while under our social side, we tend to meet a lot more often!

Our social activities range from enjoying cigars in several cigar lounges to sports activities and fine dining.


For membership details including benefits and current year membership fee please email Angelos directly:

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