Our Philosophy

"Diorasis" is the Hellenic word for farsightedness, which derived from the words Dia (Διά; meaning through) and Orasis (Όρασις; meaning view/vision) defined as the acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness or simply put, seeing differently, seeing ahead. Hence, we believe that in business, gut feeling, common sense and personal touch are equally important as numbers.

Our Approach & Mission

At Diorasis Capital, we see Business Development as the “to the point” process, for revenue increase and growth. By avoiding the industry's jargon and the philosophy of unjustified fees, we examine your organisation’s strategic goals set Vs your adopted tactics Vs your current results, stress testing the overall effectiveness of your Business Development Strategy.

The stress test results allow us to further consider the correlation between your Corporate Strategy and the Corporate Communication and Public Relations ones, enabling us thereafter to apply our expertise on all three, under a complete Corporate Business Development Strategy.



Diorasis Capital serves organisations globally with a clear mission:  Growth.

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